• nocturnal
  • mating system
    1. females are highly territorial
      • they repulse other unrelated females
      • scent mark territory
      • vocalize location
    2. females are matrilineal (trace mother)
      • young stays in territory of mom.
      • move out when new territory open (mother in other group dies etc)
      • 他のグループのトップが死んだら、他のグループのメスがその座を奪いに来る
      • forage alone / sleep together
      • offspring do NOT defend territory
      • mom and kids interact
      • mom parks infant
        • problem: snake eats them
          • so, change in kids' behavior: still, quiet on tree
    3. Males are highly territorial
      • one dominant male over several female-group territories
      • young male is NOT territorial, but wonder around
        • disperse (オスの子供は追い出される)
        • move to a territory, and don't challenge resident male
        • when resident dies, other male takes over
        • territoriality is year round
          • breeding seasonを安心して迎えられるためにその前の時期に争いが起こる
          • to make sure to have an access to female when breeding season comes
    4. male and female form bonds

界 : 動物界 Animalia

門 : 脊索動物門 Chordata

亜門 : 脊椎動物亜門 Vertebrata

綱 : 哺乳綱 Mammalia

目 : サル目 Primates

亜目 : 原猿亜目 Strepsirrhini

科 : ガラゴ科 Indridae

  • also known as bushbabies are small, nocturnal primates native to continental Africa, and make up the family Galagidae.
  • They are sometimes included as a subfamily within the Lorisidae.